Lobster Hatchery

The Pictou Lobster Hatchery is the only one of its kind in Canada that is accessible to the public, a great resource to the Museum as an educational tool. The facility is also available as a valuable research centre for universities.

The Hatchery's primary goal is to help conserve is the lobster populations in the Nothumberland Strait by live releasing Stage IV Lobsters into the Strait.

Stage IV Lobsters have a higher likelihood of survival to Adulthood 

In doing so, we will be safeguarding the livelihoods of our coastal communities and preserve our rich coastal heritage.

Lobster Stock Enhancement Research Project

(LSERP) was formed in 2005 in partnership with Northumberland Fisherman’s Association to develop a cost effective commercial lobster hatchery module, and participate in a research and development plan to restock the lobsters in the Northumberland Strait.

Rare Coloured Lobsters

Come see our rare coloured lobster on display in the hatchery for 2017. Take a Photo as a souvenir of your visit .

White Lobster
Blue Lobster
Orange Polka Dot Lobster