Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

The Northumberland Fisheries Museum a registered non-for-profit charity organization located on the beautiful Pictou Waterfront that strives to represent the rich heritage and culture of the fishing industry and its people who have shaped the communities along the Northumberland Strait of Nova Scotia.

It pays tribute to Fishers and Fishing families as expressed by the motto, “Where the salt of the sea, meets the salt of the earth.”

We invited you to experience what we have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is lobster season in Pictou?

Pictou falls under Lobster Fishing District 26a, which means that our fishing season falls roughly from April 26 - June 26.

I came to Northumberland Fisheries Museum in the past and “Adopted a Lobster”, can I still do that?

Unfortunately no. The lobster hatchery program was shut down several years ago due to rising numbers in the lobster population in the wild. They are reaching sustainable levels naturally in the wild and no longer need our help! Yay for the lobsters - but sad for our visitors.

Someone in my family donated an item to the museum collection and I did not see it when I visited. Where is it?

Northumberland Fisheries Museum has roughly 6,000 items in its collection, so they can not all be on display at once. If your item is not on display in our gallery, it is safe and sound in our storage facility. If you have an inquiry about an item, reach out to us and give us a description of the item and any information you have, such as who donated it and when, and we can look through our records system and let you know where it is and how it is doing.

Why is the Northumberland Fisheries Museum not open year round?

As a small organization we have a very limited staff, and winter is actually a very busy time for museums! We spend several months applying for grants, working on new exhibitions, performing maintenance on our space, updating our collection and doing behind the scenes work that ensures that the summer months run smoothly. With all of this, it is hard to also man the front desk for regular open hours and tours! If you want to visit at a time where we are typically closed, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a tour with us. We are always open by appointment.

How can I support Northumberland Fisheries Museum?

If you are looking to Support our Museum, there are many ways to do so. Monetary donations are always appreciated and needed to help us maintain our facility and keep our doors open. You can also support us by attending our events, taking a tour of the museum, or following us on social media and liking and sharing our posts.