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The Northumberland Fisheries Museum prides itself on preserving the rich sea heritage and culture along the Northumberland Strait. This local attraction pays tribute to the life and times of all those involved, past and present, in the fishing industry in the region. Located on the pictureque Pictou Waterfront there are many interesting exhibits and collections for you to enjoy.

Upcoming Exhibit - 2023 Season

"Seaweed Bouquets & Oyster Clusters"

For the 2023 season we are celebrating the natural world around us! We are very excited to host the work of artist Catherine Beaudette and her exhibition "Seaweed Bouquets & Oyster Clusters" from June 28th to September 17th

"Invisible to the naked eye, the ocean is populated with a plethora of exotic organisms, which include an array of seaweeds and oysters. Often seen as common ‘weeds and shells’, in this exhibition Catherine Beaudette challenges conventional perception of our ocean’s innate complexities. Assembled and photographed on the beach, Beaudette’s seaweed bouquets are imbued with an ethereal elegance. Her paintings of oystersecho the ocean’s rich biodiversity. Harbingers of climate change, seaweed and oysters provide vital replenishment for the environment. Their exquisite beauty is aptly captured and represented in this intriguing collection of photographs and paintings."

Catherine Beaudette

Catherine's exhibition will be paired with a collections based exhibit, exploring the natural heritage of the Northumberland Strait, and showcasing what there is to be found in our waters!

Seasonal Gallery Space

The Northumberland Fisheries Museum has a seasonal gallery space where we proudly showcase an artist's work that has a connection to the museum.

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Explore the Touch Tank

Our touch tank offers visitors the opportunity to experience something that most people do not ever get the chance to experience - rare lobsters!  You just never know what we will have in the touch tank for you this year. Come experience the Museum to find out.